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Shorty before Halloween 2012, close friends and fellow musicians Zero Zero approached me to help collaborate on their next music video for the song “Tear It Up.”  I loved the song, and I originally had a completely different concept intended for it.  While speaking to Kim Cerniglia, their PR and also Co-Director, we wanted a lone girl skateboarding through the city, beach surfers, and party goers.  This changed once I heard they were playing a live Halloween show in a room at The Clarendon Hotel.

So Halloween day 2012, I packed up my car a drove to Phoenix, Arizona. We filmed during the day exploring Downtown Phoenix as our trio of dancers frolicked about the city streets. Later that night, the band played, and I just had them run through the song a few times. Luckily, since the group had a lot of electric-based music, they played with a metronome, making the editing process significantly easier. After spending about of month on editing and motion graphics, we had something amazing.

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