Here’s a nifty little Google Sheet I made to help manage production between multiple clients and project leads in a small to the medium-sized group. If you don’t want to spend the money on expensive Project Management systems, this is a good alternative – especially when you’re just starting. You can always upgrade to something that has more options later. I had one I personalized for a crew of 7, so it does the job!

Make sure, once you open the template, you MAKE A COPY on your drive. Then start being more productive!



Here’s a basic look of the sheets.  This is where all the fields are filled out..  Each line is job.

Pretty self-explanatory. Just select the PRIORITY of the job. The color code makes it easy to see from a birds-eye view.
Production Lead
Remember when you put your magnificent name in the “User” field in the “Template Options?” This is where it would show up. Pretty neat, eh?
This is when the Project is started and when it’s DUE! If it goes pass the due date, it’ll turn red. Now, eventually, even if the job is completed, the field will turn red. It can’t be all perfect.
Again, pretty self-explanatory. What’s the status. Make it a game. Make them ALL GREEEEEEN! More green, more money, right? I think that’s how it works.
Track all your comments here. Right-Click on the cell and Click on the Comments section of the drop down. Boom! Insert client communications, issues, why the job is stuck or anything you want!


You can replace the “User Name” with something more personalized.  Make it Bob or Jane – I don’t know you’re name, but I’m sure it’s an excellent name.  Just put your beautiful name here!

Project Management Google Sheet – Simple

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A customizable Project Management Google Sheet for tracking jobs. Perfect for a freelancer.

Suggested price: $ 1

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Project Management Google Sheet (simple). Perfect for a freelancer.

Some Features include!

  • Priority
  • Production Lead(s)
  • Timeline
  • Status
  • Comments


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