I’ve always been a fan of how Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks created the chromatic aberation effect and wondered if I could create a preset using stock After Effects plugins.  So, with some trial and errors, I think I came up with a few that come pretty close.  Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks is still pretty badass tho!

Here are a few pseudo scripts I created called FRINGE.  Also, anyone else watch the show Fringe?  I personally thought it was rad!

This has been tested in After Effects 2020 only. 



(Windows) My Documents\Adobe\After Effects <version>\User Presets\
(Mac OS)  ~/Documents/Adobe/After Effects <version>/User Presets/

Restart After Effects and access them through the Effects Panel -> User Presets



This little preset makes the edges of the frame fringe.  Mainly made for a subtle chromatic aberration – but hell, go NUTS if you want!  Tear the frame up!  You are the creator of your own universe!


Wanna get crazy!?  Well, lets do it!  This one comes with a few variation of style to toy around with.  Choose between:

Cyan Red (Shown)
Blue Yellow
RGB (chromatic)
Green Magenta
Blue Green Magenta
Custom! (Choose your own colors)


Let go absolutely NUTS! Just like the Fringe Pro, you can choose to work with:

Cyan Red
Blue Yellow (Shown)
RGB (chromatic)
Green Magenta
Blue Green Magenta
Custom! (Choose your own colors)

But now lets add OPTICS!  This messes with the frame Optics.  Make it bulge, warp, smear…

This file is provided “as is,” without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. In no event shall the author be held liable for any damages arising in any way from the use of these scripts.


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