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AE Preset Collection Vol.1

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Collection of 9 presets for After Effects.

Suggested price: $ 1

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MGH After Effects Preset Collection Vol 1 includes:

  • Over Trooper Shooter (jiggle/bounce on the Y-Axis)
  • Come At Me Bro (jiggle/bounce Scale)
  • X-Swinger 3D Lite (swing on the 3D X-Axis)
  • Y-Swinger 3D Lite (swing on the 3D Y-Axis)
  • Grandma’s Wallet Lite (Dollars and Cents up to $1,000)
  • Grandma’s Wallet Pro (Dollars and Cents up to $1,000,000)
  • OK Boomer Math (Numbers in Percentage (%) and rounds up!)
  • Cursing Text (Text layer type of effect – with or without cursor)
  • Faded (Fades a layer based on the length of the layer)
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