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Harlis Sweetwater has always been a great dude to work with.  Definitely one of the best guitarists I’ve ever met too.  He approached me to help create a video EPK.  I had some footage I shot at a live show then did a spur of the moment interview at his place.  Mixed it with some live performances other people shot and I pieced together a little video.

I was stoked that he also came to me to help design the album art for his upcoming record.  This included merch samples and full color CD jackets.  This one was fun.

So Halloween day 2012, I packed up my car a drove to Phoenix, Arizona. We filmed during the day exploring Downtown Phoenix as our trio of dancers frolicked about the city streets. Later that night, the band played, and I just had them run through the song a few times. Luckily, since the group had a lot of electric-based music, they played with a metronome, making the editing process significantly easier. After spending about of month on editing and motion graphics, we had something amazing.

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